Sunday, September 2, 2012

leaving this old farm house to it's loneliness and decay

Old Farm House / Cow Shelter - North Austin, Texas - NE

Across the toll road from where we used to live in North Austin there was a bunch of old barns and storage sheds that had the look of abandonment. You almost don't notice them as your about to enter the tool road. I'm always focusing on the scary toll booths you have to drive through at speed or slow everybody down behind you. But one day I thought of them and I had some time to kill so I drove over there, hopped the fence and what a find. There was about six buildings falling into disuse over there, some big some small. And thanks to the local cattle that claim that land it was not over grown. It was like walking on a freshly cut lawn. Of all the photos from that day this is my favorite, the detail and the colors and the sky looked it's best in this picture. I don't think this paticular farmhouse is exactly abandoned, there was no doors and inside I noticed the frorund was littered with hoof prints. I supposed it now shelters the local farm animals...