Thursday, September 13, 2012

1940s Ford Super Deluxe 8

1940s Ford Super Deluxe 8 - cool - Richmond, Texas
 I'm back, after a little hiatus while getting acclimated to school again. Last weekend I was at this country store heading out of the Houston metropolitan area, after getting what I needed, I decided to take a little trip down the old farm-road-market road it was situated on. And as luck would have it, I came upon this old 40s Ford rusting away on the side of the road. Naturally I stopped to take some photos. It was position perfectly perpendicular to the road and the grass was mowed around it so I guess the land owner thought it would make a good lawn ornament and I heartily agree. These are a couple of the inside of the cab. They may look identical but they are two lightly different angles and on the second one I cranked up the temperature in processing to give it an older feel. It gave the windows a nice sepia look to them and it reminds me of some scene out of one of my favorite video game series; "Fallout".

1940s Ford Super Deluxe 8 - warm - Richmond, Texas