Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Old Train Cars

Old Pealing Red Train Car - Angle Shot - Austin Steam Train - Cedar Park, Texas
 Once again, just down the road from my place of work in Cedar Park, Texas was a train station back behind a shopping center. It took me almost a year of driving by that place to notice it. But once I did I had to go take some pictures. I probably spent an hour and a half there and left with over thirty bracketed sets. These are two of my favorites. In these photos I really started to make use of the selection tool in Photomatix. After processing the photos I replaced the processed sky with the best looking sky from one of the source images. The processing tends to make the sky grainy and with no clouds in the sky to bring detail out of, there really is no reason not to take this action. In the lack of clouds situation, it makes for much nicer looking skies. These cars are a little worse for wear I know. They are not a a good example of the cars at their yard. These are the two worst ones I saw, which makes them much cooler then the rest in my opinion. Their main train was in prefect shape. The second car was up on blocks over to the side, parts maybe? I got excited when I found the old red car of the first pic, the plywood boards and all that peeling paint...

The trains belong to the Austin Steam Train Association, they offer year round train rides/tours through central Texas.