Monday, May 13, 2013

The object of Art is to give life a shape

Bryan wraps up the street art that him and Wiley worked on that day at an old gas station across from Station Museum of Contemporary Art in Downtown Houston, Texas.

This is in preparation for a street art exhibit at the museum on May the 25th, 2013.

This photo may look like it was taken with a extreme wide angle lens but it was in fact taken with my usual 24-105mm set at 24.

It is another stitch made up of 12 or so portraits. I panned across the top for about 6 shots and then across the bottom for the same.

I had intended to straighten out the distortion but when I did, the photo took on a bow-tie shape so I left it in. I don't generally like the fish-eye look but for this scene I think it looks pretty good.

I finally learned a good sharpening technique using a duplicate layer with a high-pass filter in use which I learned with the help of a fellow photographer's blog:

Title quote from "The Rehearsal" by Jean Anouilh.