Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Baby False-Map Turtle

I've been playing around with the reversed lens technique. To accomplish this I hold a lens backwards up to the camera body. There are adapters that will free up a hand for for focusing, I plan to buy one one of these days.

You focus by moving closer to and further away from the subject, it's very tricky stuff. Since the depth of field is only about a millimeter, you have to maneuver around to get the photo just right.

About a week ago we had an incredible rain storm. I haven't had much time for photography lately and I thought I'd get out and check things out, see if there was some interesting scene. I nearly step on this little guy trying to escape the rain. I brought him in out of the mess. He obviously didn't like all the attention, because after this shot he wouldn't stay put, so I took him back outside.

This guy, I'm pretty sure, is a false-map turtle. His shell had a pronounced ridges down the middle and a serrated edge. His face and neck had bright orange stripes.