Friday, August 24, 2012

Mount Pilatus - Far over the Misty Mountains cold...

A view from atop Mount Pilatus with Lake Lucerne in the distance

Here's the photo from my title banner. This is a view from the summit of Mount Pilatus near Lucerne in Switzerland. The lake in the distance is Lake Lucerne. Pilatus's elevation is approximately 6,982 ft. 
    Mount Pilatus was named after a local legend which alleges that Pontius Pilate was buried there. A similar legend is told of Monte Vettore in Italy. 
    The top can be reached with the Pilatus Railway, the world’s steepest cogwheel railway from Alpnachstad, operating from May to November (depending on snow conditions), and the whole year with the aerial panorama gondolas and aerial cableways from Kriens. Both summits of Tomlishorn and Esel can be reached with a trail. Mount Pilatus has the longest summer toboggan track in Switzerland (0.88 miles or 1,350 m) and the biggest suspension rope park in Central Switzerland.