Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Abandoned Winery - In leaves no step had trodden black

Abandoned Winery pergola arbor one
 Around the side of the house/tasting room there was this great looking pergola with shadows of the trees and its' cross members cascading off the side in the back left of the pic. It has so much depth I think, love this one.
Abandoned Winery jungle path
 And behind the house/tasting room it was like a jungle. I think when this place was kept up it probably look pretty good from a landscaping point of view. Even after years of neglect the grounds still looked pretty good.
Abandoned Winery tree over pergola
I love the pin oak trees here in the hill country of Texas, they can grow quite large and they get so scraggly looking. This photo though was a minor disappointment to me, this is one situation where the photo just did not compare to the actual scene. Just couldn't get it to look right in the processing stage. But here it is anyway...